FXPA to Host Discussion Forum  

The Foreign Exchange Professionals Association (FXPA) will be hosting a networking event and discussion forum on trading venue-related issues on Thursday, September 5th, at 5:00 pm in New York. The panel discussion and interactive forum will focus on such issues as the handling by trading venues of off-market transactions, as well as the disclosure of trade volume and matching engine information. To request an invitation, please email  jros@fxpa.org  as seating is limited. 

Trump Shifts Tone on China But Not Tactics as Deal Grows Distant – Bloomberg  

President Donald Trump left the G-7 summit taking a softer tone toward China, just days after spooking financial markets with another escalation in their trade war. Yet amid all the soothing words, Trump made it clear that he wasn’t abandoning his rough and tumble tactics to force a trade deal on China. 

G7 Summit Statement Issued on Trade, Iran, Libya, Ukraine and Hong Kong – Reuters  

France issued a short statement at the end of a meeting of G7 leaders on several issues, but it was not a communique along the lines of those usually drawn up at the annual summit, reflecting divisions. 

Italy’s PD, 5-Star on Verge of Government Deal with Conte as PM – Reuters  

The ruling 5-Star Movement and the opposition Democratic Party appeared on the verge of a deal to form a new Italian government on Monday after the PD indicated it had abandoned a veto on Giuseppe Conte serving another term as prime minister. 

With $56 Billion Loan in Danger, IMF Officials Fly to Argentina – Bloomberg  

The International Monetary Fund’s record loan to Argentina last year was supposed to turn the page on a troubled history. It’s looking more like a case of déjà vu. 

Boris Johnson to Send ‘Brexit Sherpa’ to Brussels to Get Deal Done – Daily Telegraph 

Boris Johnson is sending his chief Brexit adviser to Brussels on Wednesday, as he said EU leaders “want this thing done”. 

Regulatory News 

Macron Defuses French Digital Tax Row – Reuters  

France and the United States reached a deal to end a standoff over a French tax on big internet companies, though US President Donald Trump declined to say whether his threat of a retaliatory wine tax was off the table as a result. 

Women Run Into a Wall in the Fight for Front-Office Jobs – Financial Times 

Progress in addressing imbalances in the financial industry remains painfully slow. 

Libor Trigger “Tricky” to Align with Portfolios: Experts – FOW  

Experts say the split industry view on a Libor pre-cessation trigger could be due to challenges in aligning it with their portfolios. 

“Nothing is Too Big to Fail”: RBNZ Governor Adrian Orr – Australian Financial Review 

A full transcript of the interview with RBNZ governor Adrian Orr about interest rates, inflation and bank capital on the sidelines at Jackson Hole. 

Crypto News 

Ethereum ‘Almost Full’ as Controversial Coin Gobbles Up Capacity – Bloomberg  

The digital ledger behind the supposed better version of Bitcoin is running out of capacity. 

Binance Launches Crypto Lending With Up to 15% Annual Interest – Coin Desk 

Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume, has launched a lending business in its bid to attract customer deposits. 

Crypto-Like Global Monetary System tbe a Boon for BTC – News BTC 

Last week the Bank of England’s governor made a comment that was music to the ears of Bitcoin and crypto proponents. 

Company News 

Bambury New CEO at Oanda – Profit & Loss 

Gavin Bambury has been named CEO of Oanda. Based in London, he will also serve as a director on the Oanda Global Corporation Board. 

The World’s Best-Performing Hedge Fund is Up 278% this Year – Bloomberg  

Three years ago, Chong Chin Eai watched Donald Trump’s shock election victory roil markets. His months-old Vanda Global Fund Ltd., founded with $24 million from friends and family, was down more than 50%. At his nadir, Chong considered using his own savings to cover investors’ losses and shut up shop. 

R3 Hires from Societe Generale for Senior Role – The Trade 

Blockchain technology specialist R3 has hired an electronic trading client connectivity associate from Societe Generale. 

Market Savvy 

Hong Kong Peg Holds Strong in Face of Speculators and Protesters – Financial Times 

This summer’s protests against a proposed extradition law with China have shaken Hong Kong to its foundations. But when some in the protest movement tried to put the squeeze on the city’s financial system — where the local currency has long been pegged to the US dollar — the effort barely registered. 

Investors Need to Heed the Warning from Central Banks – Australian Financial Review 

Monetary policymakers are warning lower rates are not enough to offset global risks. This message has not got through. 

Germany and the ECB Should do a Deal on Economic Stimulus – Financial Times 

Germany is faced with a conundrum. It appears to be heading into its first recession in six years and most investors believe it and the rest of the eurozone need some kind of economic stimulus.