The Foreign Exchange Professionals Association (FXPA) is pleased to announce the addition of asset management firm, Fidelity International, represented by Nigell Todd, Head of Global FX Trading, as an Advisory Member.

The addition of Fidelity International further broadens FXPA’s unique membership base.

“FXPA’s work in areas that impact buy side traders of FX is what attracted me to the association. FXPA’s recent focus on the FX implications for buy side traders given next year’s planned move to T+1 settlement for US and Canadian equities has been of particular interest,” says Todd. “We look forward to working with industry colleagues from across the market landscape on this important issue.”

“We are thrilled to gain Nigell’s input on a variety of issues that our working groups are tackling this year. We welcome Nigell and his colleagues at Fidelity International into this intentionally diverse organization,” adds FXPA Chair, Susan Dauber, Head of Legal & Regulatory at Euronext FX and Chairperson of Euronext Markets Singapore.

Since 2014, the FXPA has been representing the collective interests of the institutional FX market to advance a sound, liquid, transparent and competitive global currency market to policymakers and the marketplace through education, research, and advocacy.


The Foreign Exchange Professionals Association (“FXPA”) is a Washington-based organization that represents the collective interests of professional foreign exchange industry participants.  The group is designed to engage key regulators and policymakers through education, research, and advocacy, with the goal of advancing a sound, liquid, transparent and competitive global currency market.  See more at

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