“How Does the Global Code Apply to Me?”

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
10am (Eastern) / 3pm (UK) / 10pm (Singapore)

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Join the Foreign Exchange Professionals Association (FXPA) for a webinar on Wednesday, May 31, that looks at “How Does the Global Code Apply to Me?”

This webinar, hosted by the FXPA, features an overview of the Global Code for conduct in the FX markets, which was released by the FX Working Group of the BIS on May 25.

Webinar participants include Chip Lowry, Senior Managing Director at State Street Global Markets and Chair of FXPA; Lisa Shemie, Associate Counsel at Bats Global Markets, a CBOE Company and Member of the FXPA Policy Committee; Tahreem Kampton, Senior Director, Microsoft and Board Member of FXPA; and David Puth, Chair of the Market Participants Group for the Global Code, and CEO of CLS.

The scope of the Global Code is broad; entities of all types that are involved in FX activities are covered. Find out what you need to do to prepare to commit to the guiding principles.
I. Introduction by FXPA Policy Committee Chair Chip Lowry
A. What are the Six Leading Principles of the Global Code?
B. How does the Global Code apply to me?
II. The Challenges

  1. Governance – oversight, governance and control
    B. Adherence – will it be de facto mandatory?
    C. Principal and Agent Roles – what is the effect of blurring these roles?
  2. Pre-Hedging and Last Look – defining what’s acceptable

III. Questions
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Please note that FXPA reserves the right to restrict access to the webinar to qualified market participants only. www.fxpa.wpengine.com