Top Headlines

Japan’s Aso Repeats Explicit Threat of Yen-Selling Intervention – Reuters

Japan will intervene in the currency market if “one-sided” yen rises last long enough to hurt its economy, Finance Minister Taro Aso said, issuing the strongest threat of action since the yen started its rapid ascent in the past few weeks.

US Need Not Fear Challengers to Dollar, Fed Official Says – Reuters

The United States would not necessarily lose out if other currencies emerged as alternatives to the dollar’s status as the world’s so-called reserve currency, a top U.S. central banker said on Tuesday.

Watford Hope to Strike it Rich after Unique Deal with City FX Trading Company – City AM

Watford have struck a unique deal with a City-based foreign exchange trading company that will not only boost the club’s commercial income but, they hope, may also save “very significant” sums in the transfer market.

Brazil Rousseff: Disarray Grips Parliament over Impeachment – BBC

The Brazilian Senate has vowed to vote on the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff despite a ruling that a vote in the lower house was flawed.

Donald Trump Says Britain Is ‘Better Off Without’ the European Union – WSJ (subscription)

US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump said Britain would be “better off without” the European Union, weighing in to a heated debate in Britain ahead of a national referendum next month on the U.K.’s continued membership.

Rodrigo Duterte Claims Philippines Presidential Poll Triumph – FT (subscription

Rodrigo Duterte has claimed victory in the Philippine presidential election, with early results indicating the strongman mayor of Davao took almost 39 per cent of the vote in Monday’s election.

London’s Mayor an Exception to Proposed Nan on Muslims: Trump – Reuters

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who has called for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, suggested on Monday he would make an exception for London’s newly elected Muslim mayor, the New York Times reported.

Ex-NATO and US Defense Chiefs Warn UK Against EU Exit – Reuters

Former NATO secretary generals warned on Tuesday that a British exit from the European Union would help enemies of the West while ex-US foreign and defense chiefs cautioned that Britain would have less clout outside the bloc.

Leaving Upton Park Will Be Sad for West Ham – But the Future is Bright – Daily Telegraph

There will be an intense mixture of emotions at Upton Park tomorrow night when the curtain comes down on 112 years of history.

Regulatory News

ECB to Stress Test Four European Banks – fastFT (subscription)

The European Central Bank is looking to expand the number of banks it considers “systemically” important, by stress testing four new lenders this year.

BIS: More pluralism, more stability?

Would a more pluralistic international monetary system – one with more international currencies on a more equal footing – enhance global monetary, financial and macroeconomic stability?

EBF, GFMA and ISDA Agree Common Principles to Promote Effective Global Policy on Cybersecurity, Data and Technology

Company News

Credit Suisse Jumps 6% After Earnings Beat – fastFT (subscription)

Credit Suisse shares have bounced more than 6 per cent this morning after the Swiss bank suffered a more moderate first quarter loss than analysts had feared.

Hotel Chocolat Shares Soar 25% on Buoyant London Trading Debut – Bloomberg

Hotel Chocolat Group Plc shares soared on their London trading debut as investors savored the U.K. purveyor of high-end chocolate.

Market Savvy

China Inflation Rate Steady for Third Straight Month – WSJ

China’s consumer-inflation rate held steady in April, giving the central bank more leeway to ease monetary policy as the world’s second-largest economy battles weak demand.

Germany Posts Record Current-Account Surplus Amid US Concern – Bloomberg

Germany posted a record current-account surplus just days after being placed on a U.S. watchlist for countries that may have an unfair foreign-exchange advantage.

The UK Trade Deficit Hits a Post-Crisis High – City AM

The UK’s trade deficit narrowed slightly in March, but it was not enough to prevent the UK from clocking its largest shortfall for the first quarter of the year since before the economic crisis.

Greek Bond Yields Drop Below 8% After Debt Relief Offer – Kathimerini

Greece’s 10-year bond yields fell below 8 percent for the first time in over six months on Tuesday after euro zone finance ministers offered debt relief to the country from 2018.


Predicting Yuan Is All About Fed as Basket Confounds Strategists – Bloomberg

Yuan forecasters are struggling to agree on how China’s central bank would respond to a stronger dollar.

Saudi Arabia’s Aramco to Press Ahead with Oil Expansion – FT (subscription)

Saudi Arabia will continue to meet rising demand for its oil and press ahead with global expansion plans in spite of the “challenging” backdrop for the industry.


Goldman Sachs Says This Will Give the Oil Market Recovery Legs – City AM

Goldman Sachs said that stable declines in non-Opec production will be key to whether oil markets recover in a sustainable fashion.