The Foreign Exchange Professionals Association (FXPA) is pleased to announce the addition of FXSpotStream as the latest member of the FX trade group. FXSpotStream joins FXPA as an Associate Member.
“As a bank-owned consortium bringing greater transparency and efficiencies to the FX market, FXSpotStream is pleased to join the Foreign Exchange Professionals Association and support its goals of ensuring a sound, transparent and competitive marketplace,” says Alan Schwarz, CEO, FXSpotStream.
“This is a crucial time for our markets, and FXPA is taking a proactive approach. By coming together and collectively educating key regulators and policy makers, the news media and general public, FXPA aims to play a constructive role in helping to shape the future of the FX market. We welcome the addition of FXSpotStream to our growing membership,” says an FXPA spokesperson.
The FXPA is a Washington, DC-based organization that represents the collective interests of the full array of professional foreign exchange industry participants. The group was developed to engage key regulators, policymakers, the news media and general public through education, research and advocacy, with the goal of advancing a sound, liquid, transparent, and competitive global currency market.
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