Chip Lowry, chairman, and Jill Sigelbaum, vice chair, of the Foreign Exchange Professionals Association (FXPA) will be speaking at Profit & Loss Forex Network London next Thursday, April 14. Lowry will discuss the FX trade association’s mission and activities to date, as well as take a look at a number of developing and ongoing trends in the market during a one-on-one interview with David Clark, chairman of the Wholesale Markets Brokers’ Association (WMBA).

Lowry, who is a senior managing director in the agency FX business of State Street Global Markets, will provide an overview of FXPA’s most recent action, which calls for an exemption for FX swaps and FX forwards in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) funds’ use of derivatives rules.

In calling for an FX exemption, FXPA along with a number of asset management firms including Templeton Investments, Campbell & Company, JP Morgan Asset Management, Brandywine Global Investment and MFS Investment Management, among others, drew particular attention to the unique characteristics of the FX market in comments submitted to the SEC.

Lowry will also discuss the issues around “last look”, drawing from a recent educational paper and webinar produced by FXPA in January.

Looking ahead towards 2016, Lowry and Clark will discuss such topics as transparency and governance, regulation and shifting market structures.

Sigelbaum, who is head of foreign exchange at Traiana, will participate in a panel discussion around the topic of “Building a Modern FX Market”, addressing some of the changes taking place in the FX’s market structure.

Visit for information on how to register. Links to the SEC comment letter, the last look paper and audio from the webinar can be found on FXPA’s website,