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Deutsche Bank Gets All Clear from German Watchdog Over Triple Probes –Financial Times (subscription)

Germany’s financial watchdog has closed several investigations into Deutsche Bank, including one into alleged manipulation of benchmark rates, lifting a cloud that has been hanging over former co-chief executive Anshu Jain.

ICAP Chief Prepares for Radical Change to Interdealer Broker – Financial Times (subscription)

Michael Spencer, the ebullient chief executive of ICAP, has his mojo back after “the exhaustion and stress” of the Libor investigation and in good time as he prepares for the most radical change to the interdealer broker in the past 30 years.

Bank of England’s Carney Warns of Zero-Sum Game From Negative Rates –Reuters

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney warned on Friday that moves by central banks to cut interest rates below zero risked creating a “beggar-thy-neighbour” environment which could leave the global economy trapped in low growth.

Britain Pushes G20 to Warn Against Exit from EU – Financial Times(subscription)

George Osborne is pushing the Group of 20 leading economies to warn about the dangers of the UK leaving the EU, in the latest sign the government is seeking powerful global backing for the case for remaining in the bloc.

Why a Global Currency Accord Won’t Happen – Wall Street Journal (subscription)

Can the world have a currency agreement without any currency tools?

We Won’t Boost Trade by Devaluing Currency, Says China’s Central Bank Chief, Amid Market Jitters Over Falling Value of Yuan And Slowing Economy –South China Morning Post (subscription)

China won’t devalue its currency to boost trade, central bank chief Zhou Xiaochuan said on Friday, as he sought to reassure international investors about the prospects for the nation’s economy amid turbulent trading on global financial markets.

Japan Aso: Want to Reaffirm G20 Commitment Against Currency Devaluation Race – Reuters

Finance Minister Taro Aso said on Friday that he would seek G20 cooperation against a race among countries to devalue their currencies in line with the group’s previous commitment.

Fed Should Gradually Raise Rates, Never Mind How Many -Williams – Reuters

The Federal Reserve should follow the broad strategy of gradual policy tightening without predicting exactly how many interest rate hikes are necessary, because that will be based on inflation and other economic data, a top Fed official said on Thursday.

Most-Volatile February for Currencies in Six Years Hints at More – Bloomberg

Currency traders are enduring the most-volatile February in six years, and implied price swings suggest more fluctuations ahead.

The World’s Major Currencies Have Lost a Fundamental Anchor – Bloomberg

The world’s major currencies are adrift after decoupling from one of their most important fundamental drivers—interest rate differentials on short-term sovereign debt.

Gold Moves Revive Memories of 1990s Currency Crisis – CNBC

Gold has performed better than most other major asset classes this year, rallying around 16 percent since the start of the year as investors rushed into traditional the safe haven asset.

New Russian Central Bank Forex Rules Meant to Ease Rouble Pain – Reuters

Russia’s central bank decided to introduce new rules to discourage banks from attracting foreign exchange deposits and firms from taking out forex loans because it wanted to ease pressure on the rouble and curb its volatility

The Limit of Central Bank Power is Politics, Not Economics – Financial Times(subscription)

In a very political week it might be tempting to ascribe market moves to hopes and fears for what may come. Boris Johnson, outist mayor of London, might bounce the country into a Brexit. Marco Rubio, youthful Republican senator, could take a dislike of financial regulation all the way to the White House. Sell, or buy, as each opinion poll comes in.

Regulatory News

Questions on Use of Compelled Testimony in LIBOR Convictions – New York Law Journal (subscription)

The government can breathe a sigh of relief following last week’s ruling that its convictions of a pair of LIBOR traders will not be dismissed on Fifth Amendment grounds. But the decision to conduct a full Kastigar analysis of whether the defendants were prejudiced by their involuntary statements made to a foreign government will have a meaningful effect on cross-border government investigations ranging far beyond this case.

Central Bank Wants Control Over Foreign Currency Operations – RT

Russian banks are now required to provide full details of foreign currency operations by individuals to the country’s central bank.

Bundesbank President Criticizes Push to Abolish €500 Note – Wall Street Journal (subscription)

Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann on Wednesday criticized efforts to abolish the €500 note and presented an unusual 22-page defense of the use of cash, warning that any move away from hard currency would risk undermining confidence in the euro.

Company News

Deutsche Börse Timed LSE Bid to Exploit EU Vote Uncertainty – Financial Times (subscription)

Deutsche Börse deliberately launched its bid for the London Stock Exchange Group amid the political uncertainty surrounding Britain’s “Brexit” vote in order to steal a march on US rivals.

Corporate Japan Hit by Foreign Exchange Losses – Nikkei News

Depreciation of the euro and emerging-market currencies is weighing on Japanese corporate earnings, with one in three companies suffering a foreign exchange loss for the nine months ended in December.

Moody’s América Latina Downgrades Local Currency Issuer and Debt Ratings of Several Brazilian Bank-Related Entities; Outlook Negative – Moody’s

Moody’s America Latina has today downgraded the long-term global local currency issuer and debt ratings assigned to Banco BBM S.A., Banco Daycoval S.A., BNDES Participações S.A. (BNDESPar), Itausa — Investimentos Itau S.A. and Dibens Leasing S.A. — Arrendamento Mercantil, including the local currency subordinated debt ratings assigned to the outstanding debentures issued by BFB Leasing S.A. — Arrendamento Mercantil and Itaúbank Leasing S.A. — Arrendamento Mercantil, all of which are assumed by Dibens Leasing S.A. — Arrendamento Mercantil. The outlook on these ratings is negative.

Market Savvy  

Latam Currencies Strengthen Despite Oil, China Woes – Reuters

Latin American currencies firmed on Thursday as slightly better sentiment toward the region’s emerging markets after their recent slump offset a drop in oil prices and a tumble in Chinese stocks.

China Seeks to Manage Economic Reform Expectations at G20 – Reuters

Chinese policymakers told global financial leaders on Friday the world’s second-largest economy remains on a sound footing, while also seeking to manage expectations around the pace of economic reforms in the country.

A Big Bet on Gold Is Getting Crowded – Wall Street Journal (subscription)

From Mark Cuban to day traders, investors pile into options that stand to win big if the metal keeps climbing.

Press Releases

CFTC Requests Public Comment on Request from LCH.Clearnet Ltd for Order Permitting Portfolio Margining of Futures and Foreign Futures Contracts and Cleared Swaps Contracts

The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is requesting public comment on a petition submitted by LCH.Clearnet Ltd for an order pursuant to Section 4d(f) of the Commodity Exchange Act (Act).

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FX Post Trade: Ripping Off the Band Aid, 8 March, Profit & Loss/Markit Webinar
FX Week Australia, 10 March in Sydney, Australia

FIA: Boca 2016, 15-18 March in Boca Raton, FL

FOW: Derivatives World, 12-13 April in Hong Kong

FX Week FX Invest North America, 12 April in Boston, MA

Profit & Loss Forex Network London, 14 April in London, UK

Profit & Loss Latin America, 20 April in Mexico City

ACI World Congress 2016 – Indonesia, 26-30 April, Jakarta

Eurofinance:  Asia Treasury, 18-20 May in Singapore

Profit & Loss Forex Network New York, 26 May, New York City

FIA: IDX 2016, 7-8 June in London, England

Profit & Loss Scandinavia, TBD September, Copenhagen

Profit & Loss Forex Network Chicago, 28-29 September, Chicago, IL

Sibos 2016, 26-29 September in Geneva, Switzerland

FIA: Expo, 18-20 October in Chicago, IL